14th Asia-Pacific Eco-Business Forum in Kawasaki

February 1 (Thu) 11:00 - 17:15
[Venue] Todoroki Arena (Sub-Arena, Conference Room)

Toward an Urban-Industrial Symbiosis - Actions from Kawasaki: Strengthening Cooperation among Cities in Asia to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Language: Japanese, English and Chinese (Simultaneous interpretation)
Organizer: Kawasaki City
Co-organizers: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) International Environmental Technology Centre

With the aim of establishing a sustainable city model that achieves harmony with industry and environment, Kawasaki City harnesses the environmental technologies of corporations in the city and its own experience in environmental conservation to promote environmental measures in a city marked by industrialization, as well as to promote international contribution in the field of environmental conservation.
To that end, this forum is held as a part of the Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair 2018 for the purpose of fostering relationships of trust between participating cities, and facilitating the exchange of information about excellent environmental technologies of corporations in the city and initiatives to address environmental issues within and outside of Japan.