Air, soil, and water environment business
029 ACT Co.,Ltd

【Corporate Profile】
Our Suimu series offers coagulants that allow for easy and low-cost disposal of liquid waste. This series of products saves disposal costs compared with a case where you cannot dispose of it in-house and therefore disposal of liquid waste is totally outsourced to an industrial waste collector. Our coagulants excel conventional products in that they produce precipitates easy to dewater and provide excellent reaction rates and easy pH-value adjustment. In addition, they are composed of safe ingredients, which are mainly natural minerals, meaning that our products as well as treated waste water are environmentally friendly. They are used in large-scale construction work in Tokushima Prefecture and decontamination projects in Fukushima Prefecture.

110 O.S.P. Inc.

【Corporate Profile】
VOC measuring instruments in IER format (portable and continuous monitoring) that can easily measure the VOC concentration of petroleum and chlorides contained in industrial wastewater and soil, as well as emission gases discharged into the air by factories, etc.
It is optimal for self-management as measurements of VOC emissions and VOC concentration in the workplace environment can be taken on-site easily and promptly, without the use of advanced analytical methods.


【Corporate Profile】
OSMO Co., Ltd has been aiming to provide good customer supports and reduction of environmental impacts through our water treatment equipments and systems. Our services consist of offering ultrapure water used in semiconductor, display manufacturing factories as well as in electronic industry, and supply safe drinkable water to food factories. We also deliver downsized pure water treating devices used in hospitals and research labs, and systems for recycling water and waste water treatment systems. OSMO will continue to support our customers by providing services which met their needs.

030 Waterworks Bureau,City of Kawasaki

【Corporate Profile】
Waterworks Bureau, City of Kawasaki is making efforts to establish “water circulation system” by integrally conducting tap water system, industrial water system and sewerage system. We try to contribute improving water environment all over the world by utilizing technologies, knowledge and experiences which we have accumulated through longtime management in waterworks and sewerage field. Water environment all over the world by utilizing technologies, knowledge and experiences which we have accumulated through longtime management in waterworks and sewerage field.

031 Kawasaki Water Business Network

【Corporate Profile】
For the enhancement of the global water environment through water business, a platform “Kawasaki Water Business Network” (KaWaBiz NET) was established in Aug. 2012 between private enterprises which have water-related technologies / products, and the City of Kawasaki which has technologies and expertise of water / sewerage management, in cooperation with relevant ministries and organizations. KaWaBiz NET consists of 56 members and 12 cooperators at present and is engaged in the activities with members to enhance water environment through successful water business mainly in Asian region where City of Kawasaki has relationship.

106 Komyo Rikagaku Kogyo K.K.

【Corporate Profile】
KITAGAWA GAS DETECTOR TUBE SYSTEM began in a small hydrogen sulfide detector tube for quality control, and have explored the field of GAS DETECTOR TUBE SYSTEM since then.
There are numerous characteristics to our method which cannot be seen in others, and our products are utilized in various fields.


【Corporate Profile】
MoCobee CT series have marvelous performance with double functions of filter and heater, Enable to remove more than 99.9% of black smoke and 90% of PM, Less trouble due to simple structure and high durability, Able to install to any type of vehicle and construction machine, More than 5000 cases of installation on vehicle.


【Corporate Profile】
We provide three kinds of oil adsorbents that are made mainly from mineral.
These granular adsorbing materials are different in water-shedding quality.

026 Japan Thread Co.,Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
To proceed filtration with four natural phenomena. To develop new filtration technology by ”creative module” and ”washback type thread-twined filter”. To utilize centrifugal force and cross flow in high speed (100m3/m2/day) to do pre-processing. The life of new developed thread-twined filter(2μm) could be up to 10 years. To execute powerful filtration on various sewage liquid (drinking water, sewers, sewage treatment and ballast water) by using dipped filtration method.

017 Fujiks Co., Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
Our company has its roots as a pioneering company for water jets. We provide a wide range of services ranging from high-pressure washing of factory facilities, washing of various types of piping, and chipping concrete, to mist cooling equipment. In anticipation of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, accommodations and commercial facilities are being erected one after another. Accommodations facilities in particular face the problem of unpleasant odors, but this is being improved through Fujiks' solutions for eliminating such odors. Business operators that are troubled by odor issues are welcome to visit our booth.

Waste disposal/Recycling business
032 Kawasaki City Environmental Protection Bureau Public Waste Management Department

【Corporate Profile】
Kawasaki is a large city with a population of approximately 1.5 million, where many environmentally aware citizens and companies are making a variety of efforts on their own initiative as environmental citizens. We will continue to integrally promote resources recycling, reduction of carbon emissions, and natural symbiosis, and make efforts together with citizens and businesses to address environmental issues. With these efforts, we will lead Japan or even the world, let alone Kawasaki City, in helping conserve the environment.

008 Environment Energy CO.,LTD.

【Corporate Profile】
The booth features liquefaction equipment that converts waste edible oil into biodiesel (hydrocarbon oil).

015 Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

【Corporate Profile】
Aiming for a sustainable society, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry works together with the organizations of Regional Bureau of Economy and their
support organizations across Japan to expand environmental projects such as Environmental Business Alliance Matching seminars and to make efforts to
promote 3 R's. Seven exhibitors:
ISHIZUKA CHEMICAL SANGYO CO.,LTD, industria co.,ltd., Kimioka Ironworks K.K., GEO Power System, System JD Co., Ltd., REGAL JOINT CO.,LTD., Y’s Global Vision, Inc.


【Corporate Profile】
Proposal for history of machinery maintenance activity, using Relational Data-Base system. This system allows not only itself and the calculation of depreciation cost but also the statistical cost expectancy , using FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis).

009 Human air conditioner CoolSmile

【Corporate Profile】
Please pay the production cost for cutting-edge air-conditioner covers! Large-lot production incurs a high cost.
There are growing calls from factories, etc. Production cannot be carried out in small quantities, while large-lot production requires an adequate budget.

019 Kureha Ecology Management Co., Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
Our company is committed to conserving the Earth's environment through our comprehensive engineering services for environment-related facilities, as well as collection, transportation and intermediate processing of industrial waste. Our incineration facilities located in Kawasaki City are capable of handling the detoxification of PFOS, which is a hardly decomposable substance, as well as the treatment of medical waste. By harnessing waste heat that is generated during waste incineration, we also contribute to supplying energy. The adjoining Kawasaki Logistics Center handles trans-shipment storage of low-concentration PCB waste and waste substances that are difficult to dispose of.
Through the proper treatment and disposal of the increasingly diversifying waste generated by society, we fulfill our role in the recycling-oriented society as a venous industry in Kawasaki, the city of manufacturing.


【Corporate Profile】
We have achieved a recycling process that recovers resources to put them into products.
We are the world's first zero-emission paper mill, which was born in 2003 as the first factory of the model project for resources recycling society promoted by the government. Renamed as TOKYO MILL of CORELEX SAN-EI Co., Ltd. in October 2015, we started over again.
In the mill, we have built recycling-oriented paper making lines based on the world's most advanced equipment. We process as much as 7,000 tons of recovered paper a month to produce 1.10 million tons of toilet paper.


【Corporate Profile】
Treatment of wet refuse on the spot without transporting or burning it." We carry out biodegradation of wet refuse into water and CO2 through the power of microorganisms. While it has been necessary to extract the processed refuse prior to this, the extraction of basic residue is no longer necessary as the wet refuse now goes through biodegradation into liquid state in about 24 hours. Microorganisms for the exclusive use of the wet refuse treatment unit in the treatment tank are inhabited by a high concentration of microorganism carriers. Hence, an appropriate level of stirring improves biodegradation efficiency and achieves miniaturization of the equipment. It also enables the indoor installation as odors are kept to a minimum, eliminating the need for deodorizing and ventilation ducts. Furthermore, as high-temperature heat treatment is not necessary, power consumption can be reduced significantly, allowing for the treatment of wet refuse on-site and contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

010 Dr.KID

【Corporate Profile】
Dr. KiD is studying environmental improvement.

012 NAKASHO Co.,Ltd

【Corporate Profile】
We are an industrial waste treatment company based in Kawasaki City. Harnessing our knowhow from over 50 years in the business and over 20 years since the establishment of our incineration facilities, we provide services ranging from collection and transportation to treatment, covering a diverse range of industrial waste from regular waste to industrial waste requiring treatment. Recently, we have launched a survey project for improving the sophistication of resource recycling by utilizing IoT, with Kawasaki City as the project implementing entity. In collaboration with our other partners, NEC Corporation and Trace & Recycle Network, we aim to bring about the realization of a state-of-the-art eco-town.


【Corporate Profile】
Japan Environmental Sanitation Center has been established in 1954 as a nonprofit organization geared towards the improvement of the living environment. JESC actively pursues environmental protection and conservation through the whole range of its activities in order to contribute to worldwide efforts on creating a healthier global environment.

013 IoT Council of Waste Management and Recycling

【Corporate Profile】
[Corporate Profile]
The Association was the first organization in Japan established for the objectives of reviewing IoT adoption policies in the fields of waste treatment and recycling, making policy recommendations to the government, and creating new businesses, based on the premise of industry-government-academia collaboration. We conduct reviews through the activities of working groups that involve experts, local governments, IT corporations, manufacturers, and waste disposal businesses.
By popularizing IoT technology and the new business models accompanying such technology, we aim to solve problems in the waste disposal and recycling business sectors.
[Exhibition information]
Information about business models and examples of initiatives utilizing IoT in the waste disposal and recycling sectors will be on display.

002 Floor Wax Polymer Recycle Association

【Corporate Profile】
We provide floor waxing and cleaning services using a completely new method of polishing using only water, eliminating the use of detergents and release agents. Old wax films are polished and removed with water, and the waste fluid discharged through this process is recovered as wax polymer through coagulation treatment (solid-liquid separation) carried out on-site. By using highly absorbent polymer, we also recycle this into vomit coagulating agent materials. Through the significant reduction in water and power consumption during the building cleaning process, as well as volume of industrial waste generated, such as waste fluids, we have acquired carbon offsetting third-party certification. We are also recognized as a Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand.

Environmental solution

【Corporate Profile】
We are an environmental equipment manufacturer, specializing in equipment and flocculating agents used in the treatment of wastewater. “Slit Saver” is a solid-liquid separator with a patented “clog-free” design. Over 630 machines have been successfully installations. Design, manufacturing, and sales are all in-house, providing flexibility to meet customers’


【Corporate Profile】
With regard to the J-Credit Scheme, in which the amount of emission reduction and absorption of greenhouse gases such as CO2 through initiatives such as the introduction of energy-saving equipment and forestry management are recognized as "credits" by the government, the panels provide an easy-to-understand introduction on how to use these credits, and examples of the relevant initiatives.

063 Nippon Koei Co., Ltd

【Corporate Profile】
Nippon Koei is Japan’s No.1 International Engineering Consultants. Our project managers and engineers provide strong engineering solutions for our clients by planning, designing and supervising construction of infrastructure projects in the fields of energy, transportation, resources, urban and public sector development. During 60 years, Nippon Koei has worked on over 3000 multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects in 135 countries all over the world. Nippon Koei is the oldest independent consulting firm in Japan. We have been providing consulting services for economic development projects since 1946.


【Corporate Profile】
Fujitsu is a global ICT (Information and Communication Technology) corporation that bases our businesses on technology. We offers products, services, and solutions in a wide range of domains, and approximately 160,000 employees provide support to customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Through the experience and ICT prowess that we have built up to date, and together with our customers, we aim to realize a rich future of dreams and aspirations.

IoT/ Urban development/ Smart cities
020 Earth-Technical

【Corporate Profile】
The fusion of the traditional Japanese craft of kumiko, with traditional craft using 100% mulberry Japanese washi paper.
Creating a three-layer structure of white and dyed Japanese washi paper on the surface makes it easy for light to pass through, and brings out the family crest in sharp relief.
The sides are made with kumogami paper, a type of Japanese paper that can be made by just a few artisans in Japan.

022 Informatix.inc

【Corporate Profile】
Informatix Incorporated is a spatial information solution vendor that utilizes its advanced technological capability to provide spatial information systems based on maps and location information.
With heightened demand for environmental measures across society, we harness the software technology and wealth of experience in building systems that we have accumulated through our years in the business, to apply spatial information systems to solving various problems, such as damage from global warming, air and water pollution, destruction of forests and ecosystems, and heat island effect.

109 EX Research Institute Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
EX Research Institute was founded in 1971 when various environmental problems had surfaced to affect people’s everyday life in Japan. Since then, we have been providing optimal solutions for issues related to the ‘Environment and Energy’ and ‘Urban Space/ Regional Community’. Our mission is to keep contributing to the society we live in by offering effective solutions to our society’s most pressing issues, such as taking actions against global warming, building an environmentally sound-material cycle society, realizing sustainable local community/urban infrastructure, and promoting community development with decentralization of authority and public participation.

007 Edge PlatForm Consortium

【Corporate Profile】
Edge platform consortium builds infrastructure for edge system which provide value-added means at a low cost to the individualized and diverse various IoT market requirements and solve various problems of business fields. Edge system collects data using several kinds of sensors and analyze data at the edge side close to sensors.

014 NEC Corporation

【Corporate Profile】
Orchestrating a brighter world
As a firm for creating social values, NEC will make maximum use of ICT and harmonize with our customers and partners in the world to realize a brighter, more comfortable world according to the catch phrase "Orchestrating a brighter world."

105 Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency

【Corporate Profile】
To create and conserve a healthy environment through the compensation for and prevention of health damage caused by public pollution, the support of activities related to environmental conservation by private organizations, the assistance and facilitation of PCB waste disposal, the management and administration of the fund for final waste disposal sites, the supply of the Asbestos-related Health Damage Relief benefits, as well as research and development concerning environmental conservation that utilize research Institutions' abilities..

004 Arata Endo Labo, Kogakuin University

【Corporate Profile】
Kanadokoro" in Kanahodo, Asao Ward, is a plaza that can be used freely by anyone. It can be used by various people in various ways--as a meeting place for idle gossip, a playground for children, and a place to rest on the way home. "Kanadokoro" is a plaza nurtured by the local community. Change the positions of the benches. Place playground equipment that children want to play with. Hold festivals in the local community. Add functions and uses that local residents can enjoy. "Kanadokoro" is a plaza that harnesses the power of greenery. Collect rainwater, create habitats for living creatures, and enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna. It is a comfortable plaza that utilizes the power of greenery.

011 Saitama City

【Corporate Profile】
We provide support for the development of low-carbon personal mobility technology, which offers a safe and convenient means of transportation to the elderly and carers for children, allowing them to travel with ease around Saitama City.
The fall-prevention system for bicycles that utilizes the gyro effect, developed by Shibaura Institute of Technology, is on display.
We also aim to create innovation in areas of growth, such as disaster prevention.
On display is a disaster prevention information system, utilizing an exhibition commentary app, developed by the Disaster Prevention Business Research Society from Saitama University's Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Council.

001 Digital Capsule Inc.

【Corporate Profile】
By linking the sensor technologies in beacons, GPS, Wi-Fi, and NFC tags, with smartphones, touch-panels, and digital signage, the DIMPS2 communication platform realizes improved efficiency, energy conservation, and reduction in total cost for all forms of communication. On display is this platform, as well as demonstrations of its applications.

018 Naisen Cloud

【Corporate Profile】
The "naisen cloud" is capable of sending and receiving the numbers of company landlines through the smartphone. There is no need for any main units or fixed telephone equipment. It also makes it easier to collaborate with multiple offices and overseas bases, thereby contributing to improvements in productivity and cost reduction.

Adaption for climate change
006 TTK Co.,Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
The TTK Group has been engaged in the business of building information communication facilities in the Tohoku region for more than half a century since its founding in 1955. Today, its business activities are not limited to the communication sector. It is tackling the challenge of exploring various new possibilities. One of these is the environmental improvement business based on the concept of "People-friendly and environmental-friendly." In addition to building solar power generation facilities and installing energy-saving lighting equipment, it has also developed a sales business for the "TTK Belt-type Net Fence," which is a wind- and snow-resistant equipment developed by the company.

Energy-saving/ Energy management
038 STHoldingsK.K. STInternational Co.,LTD.

【Corporate Profile】
ST Trap・・・Venturi type steam trap has no moving parts, but is a fixed type with a nozzle only.
Durability of 10 years or over
Basically maintenance free

053 KATO Corporation

【Corporate Profile】
In three years' time, the production and import/export of mercury lamps will be prohibited.
Did you know? Discontinuation of the production of mercury lamps. Business operators troubled by lighting issues, such as a desire to conserve energy and improve the workplace environment. This time, we are featuring our company's "successful selection of energy-saving lighting" aimed to solving the problem of choosing lighting, as well as improving the workplace environment while reducing energy and CO2. We offer a wide range of solutions for places ranging from factories and warehouses to offices, so please do come and have a look at our booth. If you are facing problems with PCB waste, you can also consider utilizing our company's one-stop service.


【Corporate Profile】
As a JFE group company, JFE Steel is engaged in steel business. With a world top class production capacity and high-level technological development capability, JFE Steel provides products and services based on its leading-edge technology. On the other hand, JFE Engineering conducts, in many fields in the world, engineering business activities that support the lives of people and industries.
Based on the code of conduct “trying to take on new challenges and be flexible and sincere,” we will continue to combine the forces of our group companies to keep trying toward an excellent company group in the 21st century according to the corporate philosophy “continuing to society with the world's highest-level technology.”

043 JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation

【Corporate Profile】
We provide comprehensive solutions that cover the stable procurement of primary energy such as crude oil, natural gas, coal, and solar power, as well as the efficient conversion of the optimal energy source for customers, so that they can use energy safely and with peace of mind.
In the power business, we have developed the ENEOS Denki and my denki brands by taking advantage of our diverse fuel supply sources as a comprehensive energy corporation, with the aim of providing our customers with economically efficient electric power.
We are also committed to the development of environmentally-friendly power supplies, such as wind power, mega solar power, and biomass.
In the hydrogen business, we have developed hydrogen supply infrastructure that harnesses the SS network, thereby contributing to the realization of a hydrogen society.

042 Gentle Lighting co.,ltd

【Corporate Profile】
We sell and install electrodeless lamps, which will replace mercury lamps. With our business project selected as a Kawasaki-city shop-window model project in 2012 and 2014, we installed electrodeless lamps in the gymnasium of Inada Junior High School and Seki shopping street in Kawasaki City. Our electrodeless lamps are used in many facilities such Kawasaki Nambu Market, NAS swimming pool and tennis courts, and car factories.
With flicker causing pulses eliminated and the noise level reduced to satisfy the requirements for medical devices, our electrodeless lamps are friendly to the environment and people. If you consider using or dealing electrodeless lamps, feel free to contact us.

055 Shoei Co.,Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
We propose SBEM automation systems—which visualize heating, lighting, and water costs per guest—to owners of accommodations or premises with bathing facilities such as a swimming pool and warm bath. According to your facilities, we propose you an ideal plan that combines energy saving measures for electricity, heat, and water.
We will also exhibit the world's first mutual water-quality monitoring system that can measure eight items at the same time. You can consult us at no charge.
Please stop by our booth to ask any questions.

077 New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

【Corporate Profile】
As one of the largest public research and development management organizations, NEDO is a national research and development organization that plays a role in economic and industrial administration to work on two missions: solving energy and environmental problems and enhancing industrial technology. We work toward enhancing the industrial technology and solving energy through consistent technical development management ranging from discovery of technical seeds to promotion of medium- and long-term projects and support for commercialization and development.

102 Soushow Co., Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
We take pride in providing outstanding building and automotive glass film products and providing greater comfort and safety to our customers. From eco-friendly heat-shielding and UV-protection films to privacy and fragment-retention as well as security films, we offer support from the choosing of films to installation. Our most popular product is a highly transparent heat-shielding film with an outstanding 74% transparency while shutting out 87% infra-red thereby reducing heat, leading to better air-conditioner performance. These films also keeps your family safe from such natural disasters as earthquakes by preventing broken glass from scattering.


【Corporate Profile】
"Steward" is a patented product that is people- and environmentally-friendly. It is a fuel consumption reduction system for boilers that uses "bioglass," a highly functional glass, and is capable of reducing the amount of liquid fuels used, such as heavy oil and kerosene, by about 4% to 8%. It also reduces the volume of CO2 emissions.

037 Low Carbonization Support Co., Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
【Share information about energy conservation among energy consumers!】 
"Enekyo," a website for sharing information about energy-saving for energy consumers http://enekyo.info/ 
【Choose your energy now, for the future 】  
"Energy decarbonization"
【The only organization in Japan for those holding the national qualification of Qualified Energy Managers】
"The Japanese Federation of Qualified Person for Energy Management"  http://www.ene-kan.jp/ 

056 Tokyo Boeki Machinery Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
Our Adsorption Chiller successfully introduced in domestic and international markets produces chilled water utilizing the customer's unused low temperature waste heat(60-100℃)as the power source. The chilled water produced can be used in applications such as air conditioning, cooling and cooling processes in manufacturing operatioins. Since the power consumption of the chiller's main unit is low, less than 1kW, you will be able to reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.The chiller is also environmental-friendly because it uses water as the refrigerant and silica gel for the adsorbent, without using any chlorofluorocarbons.


【Corporate Profile】
NAGAO SYSTEM INC. Is a professional group that solves milling, mixing and dispersion, which was considered impossible in the past by high-speed rotation utilization of patented 3D Ball Mill (3D Reactor).
mm or less (Organic / Inorganic) material can be pulverized, mixed and dispersed up to nano, micron (Dry/Wet type) possible.
Furthermore, it is good to mix substances of different gravity and viscosity with unused and evenly mixed (3D Reactor) pellicles and feathers.
We manufacture and sell the equipment + special container.
What was considered difficult by conventional 2D motion,
High-speed 3D motion can be expected to further reduce mixing unevenness and further improve milling uniformity.


【Corporate Profile】
Mayekawa Manufacturing Company started out in the ice-making and refrigeration business, and proposes product technology for various markets, including industrial refrigerators, food cooling, meat processing robots, heat pumps, air-conditioning equipment, and energy-saving systems. The refrigerant is indispensable to all of these business segments. Mayekawa advocates "NATURAL FIVE," which realizes energy conservation and the non-usage of chlorofluorocarbons through the use of five natural refrigerants that do not harm the Earth's environment. Its heat pumps that use natural refrigerant CO2, "unimoWW," "unimoAWW," and "Eco Sirocco," have been highly acclaimed for their high-efficiency and energy-saving performance, and are registered as L2-Tech certified products under the Ministry of the Environment.

113 Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation

【Corporate Profile】
With over 80 years of leadership in technological innovation and a
market presence in more than 160 markets all around the globe,
Mitsubishi Fuso has a long track record as one of the most innovative and prominent brands in the commercial vehicles industry. The motivation for all our pioneering efforts has always been your environment, economy and safety.

052 Reset Company Co.,Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
By harnessing the knowhow we have built up in the solar power generation business, we have developed an unmanned robot for snow removal and cleaning from solar modules. It is an automatic snow blower that is completely different from the snow blowers we have been using till now. It can be used in various places, including houses and solar power equipment in areas with heavy snow, and is a high-quality product that can be operated at a low cost, from initial costs to maintenance and management costs.
The robot automatically detects snowfall on solar modules for domestic or industrial use, and the wipers installed on the surface of the modules continue to move up and down to remove snow until the snow stops falling. This prevents a build-up of snow on the modules, and makes it possible for the modules to maintain their solar power generation functions.

Renewable energy
036 ELIIY Power Co., Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
We domestically produce electric-power storage systems centering on the POWER iE6 HYBRID that has a storage capacity of 6.2 kWh and includes a large lithium-ion battery with the world's highest level of safety.
By popularizing large lithium-ion batteries for electric power storage, we will contribute to efficient use of energy in Japan and the world.

047 Kanagawa Prefectural Government

【Corporate Profile】
We support the growth of venture companies in Kanagawa Prefecture, within growth sectors such as energy, by disseminating information about potential venture corporations in the prefecture that possess a high level of technological prowess.
This time, we will be introducing the superb technology of five energy-related venture corporations.
ARM Technologies (research and development of next-generation energy)
E-Minimo (development of compact EV for business uses)
ER SYSTEMS (development of hydrogen production equipment using renewable energy)
M&K Technology (development of aqpia, a compact hydrogen production equipment)
3DOM Inc. (development of separators for lithium secondary batteries)

059 Kawasaki New Energy Promotion Association

【Corporate Profile】
The Association is an organization composed mainly of companies engaged in businesses such as the sales and installation of solar power generation equipment and accumulators in the city, and the construction of eco-friendly housing.
If you are considering the introduction of energy-saving equipment such as solar panels and accumulators, do drop by the booth for a visit.
It also features initiatives by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), such as efforts to detoxify electrical devices that contain trace amounts of PCB.

054 Kawasaki Biomass Electric Power Co.,Ltd

【Corporate Profile】
We deal biomass-burning power-generating equipment that uses woody biomass fuel instead of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal. It is environmentally friendly power generating equipment that supplies CO2-free electricity.
Kawasaki Biomass Electric Power is capable of producing the amount of electric energy that approximately 38,000 general households use in a year, which results in a reduction of approximately 120,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
We operate an urban biomass power station equipped with environmental facilities such as exhaust gas desulfurizers and denitrizers—environmental facilities that are not used in rural biomass power stations—to satisfy the strict environmental criteria defined by Kawasaki City.


【Corporate Profile】
We offer the "eneidea," an independent power supply equipment that has been certified as a Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand. It provides 72-hour lighting for disaster supply rooms ("Can you retrieve your disaster supplies on the day of the disaster?"), and the portable, assembled independent power supply equipment can also be used in tunnel construction and construction works in underground waterways. It does not discharge any emissions gases. The independent power supply equipment provides stable power supply in places without electricity. Please feel free to consult with us on your needs.

050 DAIWA TECH co.,ltd

【Corporate Profile】
We provide a floor heating system based on geothermal storage, an epochmaking system that uses maximum use of geothermal heat, a renewable energy. We have developed this system based on the idea that the thermal demand for air conditioning represents a large percentage of energy demand and therefore it is important to more efficiently use renewable thermal energy.
By using a thermal storage medium under the floor that keeps heat in it, we have achieved higher-level energy saving. We offer floor heating that entirely covers the entrance to the living room. By combining natural energy and a thermal storage medium, we have achieved an ideal heating system that is clean and has low running costs.

035 Tiki Tak Co.,LTD.

【Corporate Profile】
Based on advanced technologies and experiences in water treatment and heat utilization, we utilize renewable natural resources effectively, engineering manufacturer that provides optimum energy use and resource use, harmonizing the management of facilities and natural environment is.

114 TBM, Inc.

【Corporate Profile】
Converting Grease Traps Oils* into Electricity: 100kVA Mobile Power Supply Vehicles equipped with biomass generator ―Will aim to establish a New Local Production for Local consumption Model of Biomass energy in the Tokyo Metropolitan area―


【Corporate Profile】
Our booth will exhibit model of Solar thermal equipments.Solar thermal equipments are almost no heat dissipation to the outside because we adoption evacuated tube. In addition, these have excellent heat retention. That's why these less susceptible to temperature gradient, and keep a high degree of efficiency in winter. These are used hot-water supply mainly for home use. For industrial, these are used for cost reduction. Also, not only hot-water supply, but use air conditioner. Also, subsidies can be used at the time of introduction. If you are interested, please come to our booth by all means.


【Corporate Profile】
We own leading-edge technology that leads the world in the field of nanotechnology, which micronizes substances into the nanometer (a millionth of a millimeter) level. Using this technology in the environmental and energy fields, we have successfully developed a new, next-generation fuel. By achieving higher-level energy saving based on high combustion efficiency and thus substantially reducing emissions of hazardous exhaust, we will help improve the lives of people and develop society.

Hydrogen energy
045 Kawasaki City Environmental Protection Bureau Global Environment and Sustainability Office

【Corporate Profile】
Toward a hydrogen society, Kawasaki City is making efforts to increase the use and awareness of hydrogen and fuel cells in society. As part of these activities, we are working on an enlightenment program based on fuel cell powered vehicles that runs on hydrogen. We hope you will see hydrogen-related technologies for automobiles, which are closely associated with civil life so that you will feel that the use of hydrogen is familiar.

046 SHOWA DENKO K.K Kawasaki Plant

【Corporate Profile】
We started our history by succeeding in producing ammonia and ammonium sulfate in 1931 for the first time in Japan according to the domestic production act (Tokyo Industrial Laboratory act). Now, we deal a wide range of products such as basic chemicals including caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite besides ammonia; industrial gases centering on nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen; high-purity gases (such as ammonia and chlorine) required to manufacture semiconductors, liquid crystals, and LEDs; special chemicals including food additives and cosmetic materials; and columns for high-speed chromatography, which is used to decompose and analyze chemical substances.

041 Chiyoda Corporation

【Corporate Profile】
Chiyoda Corporation is an integrated engineering company challenging construction of a hydrogen supply chain
As for the technological innovation itself, hydrogen, once considered a distant dream energy source, has become a reality: Chiyoda Corporation has made it remarkably easy to transport it in a liquid at ambient temperature and pressure safely.
Chiyoda Corporation will complete construction of the world’s first hydrogen supply chain from overseas (Negara Brunei Darussalam) to Japan (Kawasaki’s coastal region) in 2020 towards a zero-emission society.

049 Nippon seisen Co.,LTD.

【Corporate Profile】
The high-purity hydrogen separation membrane module with palladium copper alloy foil specifications, developed by our company, is highly reliable and offers superb cost-performance. We offer optimally designed products from compact sizes that matches your conditions of use.

044 Hitachi Automotive Systems Measurement,Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
Hitachi Automotive Systems has been developing multi-stations where the energy of all cars is supplied since our foundation in 1937.
Since the end of 2016, we have been launching smaller and more open 82MPa
hydrogen dispensers in the market, to meet demand for increased cruise distances for fuel cell cars, thereby playing a role in creating a hydrogen-based society.

048 Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha,Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd. harnesses its core technologies in the separation of solids, liquids and gases, experience, and knowhow that it has built up to date, and by developing and improving new products and new technologies, fulfills the needs of customers in fields such as plant engineering, environmental protection, and chemical industrial machinery, and provides products that contribute to society. In particular, in the hydrogen business, which has come under the spotlight as a form of clean energy for future generations, the company has built the demonstration facility, MKK Kawasaki Hydrogen Station, in the premises of Kawasaki Works. The objective is to construct a hydrogen station for fuel-cell vehicles that are powered by hydrogen. This will be featured at the exhibition.

104 Riken Keiki Co.,Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
As a manufacturer specializing in the production of industrial gas detection alarm devices, our company has always been committed to ensuring industrial disaster prevention and safety by preventing explosions caused by flammable gases and monitoring harmful gases in the workplace environment. Going forward, we aim to reduce the loss of precious lives and valuable assets to zero, to further strengthen our technological development skills, and to supply countries around the world with various high-quality industrial gas detection alarm devices and high-performance gas sensors, and in doing so, contribute to securing industrial disaster prevention and safety.

Electric power and gas generation/ selling/ trading business

【Corporate Profile】
Since its founding in 1885, the TOKYO GAS group has been supporting good lives of its customers and society development for 130 years by supplying city gas to the metropolitan Tokyo area and its surrounding areas.
In April 2016, we started electric power retailing by making use of our strength that has been long cultivated in the gas segment.
As a total energy business group, we will continue to satisfy the needs of our customers through the stable supply of low-cost gas and electric power.

Environmental civil engineering/construction

【Corporate Profile】
Since its establishment in 1908, TOA CORPORATION has been engaged in dredging and reclamation for the construction of harbors and their related facilities, design and execution of coastline buildings, construction of airports, marine leisure facilities, warehouses for distribution, factories, and power plants.
With its state-of-the-art technology, Toa has completed many projects of urban development, commercial buildings, hotels, medical, educational, cultural and residential facilities, and has gained a high reputation for each and every design, execution of construction and maintenance.


【Corporate Profile】
Our company was founded in 1961 as Toyorozai Kougyousyo.
The Industrial Furnace Business Unit builds systems as a part of its work ranging from the design, installation, and maintenance of industrial furnaces, and fulfills the need for reliable technology. Our Incinerator Business Unit aims to contribute to society through the installation of incinerators that detoxify the harmful substances that are generated during the incineration of combustible garbage. The Woods and Bricks Business Unit uses resources effectively to create artistic towns, based on the motto of "people- and environmentally-friendly" and through the utilization of recyclable materials. We have established a branch office in Laos, and the Overseas Business Unit engages in the import of wood and other materials. These are the four business units that make up our company.
On display at this exhibition are the achievements of each business unit, and an introduction to Laos through an exhibition of its specialty products.

073 Nissei-cfc CO.,LTD.

【Corporate Profile】
Let us help with your kitchen and food production factory flooring needs.

082 Hoshoubousui Industrial Factory co.ltd

【Corporate Profile】
The breathable waterproof "rooftop waterproof air control construction method" is a breakthrough construction method for removing heat and moisture from within waterproof layers. The mold and decay in waterproof layers, which could not be prevented in previous construction methods, is now successfully avoided through forced ventilation and circulation of air through a solar-powered de-aeration cylinder. This method can help extend the lifespan of buildings, as well as improve the environment of indoor spaces by keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer.

075 Chemicoat Co., Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
With our primary business in the development of surface treatment chemicals for industrial use, we have also harnessed our expertise in that field to develop and sell detergents for domestic use.
"Chodensui Clean Shu! Shu!" is a water-based detergent. Made 100% from water, it leaves no residual chlorine, etc., so there is no need to worry about equipment rusting.


【Corporate Profile】
This is a demonstration promotion of the IBOX component "Wood Cone EX-B3," which offers the enjoyment of cutting-edge theater audio surround sound, and the playback of the original sounds of large-scale audio recordings. Experience the astonishing genuine sounds that transform audio into instruments. This is a special limited-edition model that is not available for general retail.

112 Electrike Japan co.,ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
An electric car positioned between a four-wheeled vehicle and a motorbike, and which can be used for work.
This simple and energy-efficient car is designed to specialize in transportation for that "last mile."
Its adorable appearance enhances its publicity effect, enabling its use as a portable advertising pillar!
Visitors can take a test ride as a passenger on the three-person Electrike, and experience for themselves its superb performance around tight corners as well as excellent load capacity.
With the addition of the new three-person Electrike to our lineup, customers will be able to use the vehicle for a wider range of purposes in addition to delivery businesses.

076 Family Service EIKO Co., Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
Water is indispensable to our everyday lives.
Our company has been focused on water quality for more than 20 years. Through the production and sale of water purifiers, we offer clean and delicious water to our customers.
During the exhibition period, we will be featuring water purifiers that allow customers to use water with peace of mind, from drinking water to water for washing rice and vegetables, as well as water purifying showers with water-saving functions, reduce chlorine content to support skincare and haircare.
We will also be carrying out a promotional campaign for a limited number of water purifiers and water purifying showers that are easy to use.
Family Service EIKO proposes a lifestyle with water purifiers.


【Corporate Profile】
When using this product as lighting, you can utilize the photocatalyst effect of titanium oxide and silver ion (Ag+). It is a revolutionary lighting that can sterilize, prevent bacteria, deodorize, and prevent mold indoors. The various effects have been validated by testing institutions. In addition to general bacteria, as well as the harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning in the area of food sanitation, such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, it is also effective against norovirus, which raises concerns for occurrence throughout all seasons. It is also effective as a sanitation measure in schools, hospitals, and welfare facilities, and as a countermeasure against food poisoning in restaurants, kitchens, and catering facilities. Of course, it can also be used in general households.


【Corporate Profile】
”UNI-PELE” is the bioplastic which combined plant raw materials.
UNI-PELE has superior antibacterial effects which combined organic matter 52%  such as peel of wheat、coffee, tea leaf, bamboo powder and strongly effective with Escherichia coli O157. In addition, there is the suppressant effect of the mold, UNI-PELE is most suitable for household articles and articles used at the place of water supply.

Food and environmental business
069 Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Kawasaki administration and coordination office

【Corporate Profile】
Ajinomoto Group is committed to ASV (Ajinomoto group Shared Value), which improves economic activities through the creation of social value, toward the realization of a "Genuine Global Specialty Company."

070 Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. provides the fullest support for safety and security of food facilities, in both the software and hardware aspects. Feel free to consult with us.

Industry-academia-government collaboration
083 IBS Co.,Ltd

【Corporate Profile】
"All for Smile" through sincerity and technology
We provide building sanitation management services for clean buildings, tackling visible stains to bacteria and odors that are invisible to the eye.
We were founded as a cleaning company, but have also been engaged in the development of new services and materials since last year, through industry-academia collaboration with universities.
In this way, we are constantly in pursuit of new services and technology, and contribute to health and the environment.
<Collaboration projects>
・Kanagawa University: Assessment of odorous substances in indoor spaces
・Chitose Institute of Science and Technology: Development of functional coating materials
・Kagoshima Prefectural Institute of Industrial Technology: Development of materials using deposits of volcanic ash and sand formed on plateaus in southern Kyushu

095 kanagawa institute of invention and innovation

【Corporate Profile】
・Experts who are knowledgeable about management and technology, as well as familiar with practical patent matters, provide detailed and careful advice to those seeking consultation services.
・They provide accurate advice on the spot about ideas, patent applications, and all the stages leading up to the establishment of a business.
・They also provide consultation services on new utility models, designs, and trademarks.
・An ad-hoc counter has been set up, so please feel free to approach the experts for a consultation.

091 Kanagawa Institute of Technology

【Corporate Profile】
Located in Atsugi City of Kanagawa Prefecture, the university comprises five faculties: Engineering, Creative Engineering, Applied Bioscience, Information Technology, and Nursing. It nurtures specialists who identify and solve problems based on society's needs. In addition to contributing to the development of a nation of science and technology, it also strives to strengthen collaboration with the local community through education and research.
【Exhibition information】
 At this exhibition, the university will feature:
  1. Technology for highly-efficient control of fuel cells; fuel flow control for fuel cells
  2. Use of non-edible biomass that is a renewable resource; research outcomes in the production of isoprene using microorganisms.

087 Kawasaki Environment Research Institute

【Corporate Profile】
Kawasaki Environment Research Institute was set up in the Life Science & Environmental Research Center. We are conducting comprehensive research on the environment in collaboration with the organization for the United Nations environmental program (UNEP), National Institute for Environmental Studies, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), universities and other external research institutes, businesses in the city, and so on.

079 The International Economic Affairs Office,Economic and Labor Affairs Bureau, Kawasaki City

【Corporate Profile】
The waterfront area of Kawasaki City has been playing a leading role in the industrial development in Japan. In recent years, its new attractiveness-the night view of the industrial zone consisting of factories and bayside facilities-has received attention as a resource of tourism. The area also plays an important role in energy supply.
In collaboration with the Committee for Synergy in Keihin Industrial Complex and NPO Liaison Center, we will present activities to enhance the competitiveness and reduce environmental load through the collaboration among the private companies based in the area.


【Corporate Profile】
The Institute of Industrial Promotion Kawasaki is a public interest incorporated foundation that undertakes various initiatives with the objective of revitalizing the regional economy, including providing assistance for the development and nurturing of new businesses for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), providing support for corporate exchanges, and providing technological and management information.
At the exhibition, we will feature our activities aimed at supporting SMEs, such as the travelling caravan, Kawasaki Entrepreneurs' Audition, industry-academia-government collaboration, support for overseas business expansion, and the KAWASAKI ROBOT Festival.

086 the kawasaki chamber of commerce and industry

【Corporate Profile】
As a comprehensive regional economic organization, we are engaged in the development and revitalization of the local economy from an international perspective. Our activities include dispatch missions, proposal request activities, industry-academia exchanges, support for manufacturing, revitalization of shopping streets, and support for the acquisition of Eco-Action 21 accreditation.


【Corporate Profile】
KAWASAKI SHINKIN BANK has a management support center to solve business challenges faced by local businesses. We provide management information about foundation, involvement in new fields of business, development of new products, market expansion, business succession, M&A, overseas deployment, and so on, and dispatch experts in collaboration with organizations that support local small- to medium-size businesses to provide consultation.

084 Keio University LTaste Inc.,

【Corporate Profile】
LTaste Inc. is a venture company that originated from the Miki Laboratory in Keio University's Faculty of Science and Technology. By attaching the salt chip developed by the company on the teeth, one can experience sufficient salty flavor for about five minutes with a salt intake of below 0.1 grams. Using the salt chip while eating allows consumers to reduce their salt intake effectively and easily, while still enjoying the delicious flavor of food.

081 Committee for synergy in Keihin industrial complex

【Corporate Profile】
Business efficiency improvement and energy saving at the Keihin industrial complex
have been already addressed by individual businesses. Under the circumstances,
further efforts require collaboration among businesses and across industries. The committee consists of 13 businesses and other organizations from a variety of
industries such as oil refining, petrochemical, steel, chemical, cement, electric power, and gas. With the goal of constructing Keihin smart complex, we work toward building a complex that achieves an excellent harmony and virtuous cycle between industrial activities and the environment and informs the world of a production mode with a low environmental load.

080 Liaison Center for Creation of Industry and Environment

【Corporate Profile】
Liaison Center for Creation of Industry and Environment was established in August 2004 by 13 interested organizations such as firms located in the coastal area of Kawasaki City. It is promoting activities mainly in the Keihin coastal area, aiming to help energize industries and solve environmental and energy problems by making use of its platform for collaboration of industry, academia and government and collision with citizens.

089 Institute of Information Science, SENSHU University

【Corporate Profile】
Based on the philosophy of developing social intellect, we are engaged in education research with corporations in Kawasaki City through industry-academia collaboration. The affiliated research laboratories have been certified as Kawasaki Environment Show Window Models, and have also received the Energy Conservation Contribution Award in the Second Kawasaki City Smart Lifestyle Grand Prize Incentive Award.
【Contents of exhibition】
(1) Voice code for equipment for reading out printed text, aimed at improving the information environment for the elderly and visually-impaired
(2) "Heartful Book," a service that provides the necessary information to the disabled, elderly, and foreigners
(3) TV and DVD accessibility survey and proposal
(4) Hybrid energy creation technology for human power and solar power generation

085 Tanaka Electric Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
Tanaka electric laboratory is the manufacture company of electric instruments and dust density meter. Our latest instrument is premises dust monitor including SPM & PM2.5.
We would like to show this instrument and research result between Kawasaki Environment Research Institute in this exhibition.

090 Tokyo City University

【Corporate Profile】
We are engaged in research to achieve the practical application of phytoremediation with the aim of achieving effective land use conversion in coastal regions. We make recommendations on plant selection and technology with the intention of matching the rhizospheric distribution with the horizontal and vertical distribution of heavy metal pollutants, as well as on the approach of introducing a cleaning period.

088 Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences

【Corporate Profile】
We are engaged in efforts to achieve the practical application of an effective culture system for the immobilization of carbon dioxide, through the photosynthesis of microalgae such as chlorella. By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in emissions gases and effluent, and carrying out purification processes, we aim to contribute to mitigating environmental issues.

096 kanto Branch of Japan Patent Attorneys Association

【Corporate Profile】
The Japan Patent Attorneys Association is the only public interest corporation in Japan for patent attorneys. It was established in May 1922 in accordance with the Patent Attorney Act. Beginning with the enforcement of the regulation to register patent agents on July 1, 1899, the history of Japan's patent attorney system spans more than a century. The Kanto branch of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association is a regional organization for the Kanto region (Metropolitan Tokyo and seven prefectures), and engages in a wide range of activities including the spread and support of the intellectual property rights system.

Contribution to the earth's environment
064 Kawasaki Eco-Tech

【Corporate Profile】
We will introduce the latest information about initiatives of corporations in the field of environmental technology, as well as initiatives carried out within Kawasaki City in relation to energy-creation and energy-saving facilities, and to the environment of Kawasaki City.
The booth also offers consultation services to corporations in the city by overseas support coordinators from the Kawasaki City Overseas Business Support Center (KOBS), on matters related to overseas business expansion. Please feel free to drop by.

092 Kawasaki City Global Environment and Sustainability Office

【Corporate Profile】
We will introduce the initiatives of Kawasaki City in the areas of global warming countermeasures and green innovation.

100 Credit Guarantee Corporation of Kawasaki-Shi

【Corporate Profile】
Through credit guarantees, Credit Guarantee Corporation of Kawasaki-Shi has been making efforts for more than 60 years to facilitate financing for small- to medium-size businesses in Kawasaki City. We will continue to work closely with small- to medium-size businesses in Kawasaki City as an organization that “supports businesses in Kawasaki that will open the way to the future.”

111 tokyomiraisozai

【Corporate Profile】
Tokyo Mirai Sozai is a material containing 51% of paper powder, and reduces the burden on the environment. It can be disposed of as combustible garbage across Japan, and does not generate dioxin gases even when it is burnt. It is also suitable for microwave ovens, dishwashers, and bleaching.


【Corporate Profile】
Since the foundation, as a pioneer, we have been working toward a safe, secure society with consideration given to the safety of railways and roads.
We provide total services for town planning, ranging from planning, proposal, and design to sale and construction.


【Corporate Profile】
Toward a comfortable sports environment through non-glaring LED lighting
We have succeeded in quantifying (measuring) the degree of glare that tends to be emitted by LED lighting. In particular, some types of LED lighting used on high ceilings are too glaring and blinding for the eyes. Hence, we have made it possible to visualize the degree of glare of lighting.

099 Yamato Co.,Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
Our company handles many popular products, including large massage chairs and compact health devices. We provide solutions that meet the needs and desires of our customers with our range of the best health and beauty devices (experience session).

093 IGES Centre Collaborating with UNEP on Environmental Technologies

【Corporate Profile】
As a project implementing partner to International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) of UN Environment, IGES Centre Collaborating with UNEP on Environmental Technologies (CCET) is conducting technology cooperation projects targeting developing countries and cities towards dissemination of Environmentally Sound Technologies (EST) in resource/waste management sector. The current project includes assistance to formulate waste management strategies and development of knowledge products in selected waste topics.

108 Queensland Government

【Corporate Profile】
In 2011, the state of Queensland, Australia, signed a memorandum of understanding on economic exchange with Kawasaki City. Queensland is a state rich in natural resources. Boasting an area that is five times the area of Japan, it has strong interest and understanding toward the sustainable development that utilizes innovative environmental technology in fields such as renewable energy and Smart cities. Triggered by efforts to attract knowledge-intensive industries, it has experienced rapid population growth, and is a state with rich future potential. It has participated in the exhibition with the objectives of introducing investment opportunities in a wide range of sectors in Queensland, including biomass and solar power, as well as business matching between local and Japanese corporations.

062 CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd.

【Corporate Profile】
We, CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd. (CTII), have contributed to a better and safer lives in all the developing world as engineering consultants with cutting-edge technologies for delivering professional services.
With our considerable hands-on experiences, we aim to provide comprehensive services throughout the project life cycle from preparation and planning-up stage to construction supervision mainly for Watershed Management, Transport, and Urban Infrastructure and Environment sectors. We always embrace the challenge of growing needs in different fields and new markets.

066 JICA Yokohama

【Corporate Profile】
As the agency that implements Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects, JICA engages in international cooperation with developing countries. JICA Yokohama is engaged in helping to solve global issues in cooperation with everyone, by harnessing its experience as well as the attractive and diverse technologies present Kanagawa Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, including Kawasaki City, Yokohama City, and Sagamihara City, which it is responsible for.
As part of its support for private-sector corporations, JICA utilizes the knowhow it has built up through its projects, as well as the networks and relationships of trust it has developed through long-standing cooperation with the governments of developing countries, to support small and medium-sized corporations in Kanagawa and Yamanashi Prefectures in their overseas ventures.

060 Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority

【Corporate Profile】
Through an overview of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority, which is a local governmental institution of Korea, as well as an introduction to case studies of Japanese corporations that have established bases in the region, the booth will provide PR information aimed at supporting new overseas strategies by Japanese corporations in Korea. A talk about the investment environment will also be held.

065 Japan External Trade Organization Yokohama Office

【Corporate Profile】
JETRO, or the Japan External Trade Organization, is a government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Originally established in 1958 to promote Japanese exports abroad, JETRO's core focus in the 21st century has shifted toward promoting foreign direct investment into Japan and helping small to medium size Japanese firms maximize their global export potential.

061 Hong Kong Trade Development Council

【Corporate Profile】
In addition to its demand for energy-saving technology and waste disposal technology, Hong Kong has been drawing attention as a test-bed for Smart City initiatives, for which there are high expectations for the future. To build a better environment, companies within and outside Hong Kong are pushing forward on introducing the latest technology. Our bureau organizes exhibitions such as Eco Expo Asia, an environmental exhibition that offers a one-stop opportunity for finding partners and collecting information on the latest environmental businesses in Hong Kong and the surrounding region, with the hope of encouraging Japanese corporations to enter markets in Hong Kong, China, and other parts of Asia. Companies that are considering business expansion in Hong Kong, China, or Asia, or who are looking for business partners in these areas, are welcome to approach us for a consultation.