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  • 2/16(Wed) Center Stage
  • 2/16(Wed) Presentation Stage
  • 2/17(Thu) Center Stage
  • 2/17(Thu) Presentation Stage

February 16th (Wed)
【Center Stage】

◆Opening Ceremony

Mr. Takao Abe
Mr. Takao Abe
◆Annocement of Selected Low CO2 Kawasaki Pilot Brand 2010

Presentation by Kawasaki City Mayor, Mr. Takao Abe
『Pioneering the Future The Environmental Power of Kawasaki 〜CC Kawasaki Promotion〜』

Announcement of Selected Result, Award Ceremony

Selection Result Review by Mr. Yoshihiro Adachi (Visiting Professor of Institute of Engineering Innovation, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo)

Mr. Kazuma Yamane
Mr. Kazuma Yamane

◆Special Presentation
A Momentous Work for the 「New ・ Carbon of the Times」
Mr. Kazuma Yamane (Non-fiction Writer, Project Professor of Faculty of Economics, Dokkyo University)

◆Asian Intellectual Property Forum

Mr. Ichiro Seno
Mr. Ichiro Seno
Keynote Address
『The Works of International Business Competitveness
〜 Considering Presciprions for Japanese Enterprises 〜』
Mr. Ichiro Seno(Project Professor of the University of Tokyo, Chairman of The Industry Academia Collaboration Initiative Nonprofit Organization)

Case Report 『Transferring Environmental Technology for the Development in China via Hong Kong』
「The Collaboration between Hong Kong and Kawasaki」 Mr. Daniel Cheng (President of the Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association)
「The Inflection of the Hong Kong Exhibition and Future Prospects」 Osmo Co., Ltd., Hiramiya Co., Ltd.

Panel Discussion 「Environmental Business Exchange 〜 From Kawasaki to Asia 〜」
[Panelists] Mr. Guang Yi Chao (Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University) 
Mr. Dai Ueda (Chief of JETRO Yokohama)
Mr. In Chul Park (Commissioner of Daegu Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority) 
[Moderator] Ms. Yuko Ueno (Senior Researcher of Economic and Social Policy Department, Policy Research and Consulting Division, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co.,Ltd.)
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