Exhibitor Exhibition Content Business Matching System
UPCON We are a construction company specializing in repairing subsidence of concrete grounds caused by subsidence and other similar phenomena. The company was established 10 Years ago. Many customers are pleased with our technology. Our technology allows us to carry out repairs in a short period of time without interrupting our customers’ activities The company, which conducts constantly research and development utilizing urethane resin, is always searching for new projects to contirubte to the community. The company has developed new soil improvement material utilizing urethane resin called Natelun. We will introduce our new soil improvement product, Natelun, at the Exhibition. Appointment
NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP Taking advantage of advanced technology, NOF metal coatings have been engaged in development of high corrosion-resistant surface treatment agent, giving first priority to environmental conservation. Our-developed surface treatment agent is applied to lots of fields, such as automotive, electric instrument, construction, civil engineering, and regenerated energy, and contributed to conservation of global environment. We also have fulfilling global processing network. We have established appropriate system so that customers can use surface processing with same quality all over the world. Appointment
NKKTUBES NKKTubes is a manufacturer of high grade seamless pipes for the energy industry that is based in Kawasaki City. The company was established in Aug 2000 as a JV between Tenaris Group ( 2012 consolidated sales: USD 10.8 BIO ) and NKK [currently JFE Steel], by succeeding NKK’s seamless pipe division. NKKTubes has been supplying high grade products worldwide as a result of synergy between technology transmission of NKK and Tenaris’ global network. NKKTubes products have been used as drill pipes in JAMSTEC’s deep-sea excavator ship“ Chukyu” and many geothermal power plants in Japan. Appointment
OSMO.Co.,Ltd We are water treatment unit manufacturer such as deionized water unit, super-deionized water unit, and filtering unit. We design products according to customer needs. We also provide equipment for disaster prevention and environment-related products, including drinkable water unit for emergency and car wash drainage recycling equipment. Two years ago, we started fabrication of FRP products. Please contact us if you have any problem regarding water. Appointment
KAJIMA CORPORATION Environment-friendly MONOZUKURI Appointment
Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center provides technical consultation, request-based test・use of equipment, consignment study, collaborative study, and MONOZUKURI enhancement support such as making products, support for business, design support, holding various training. If technical issue occurs, please feel free to contact us when new product is developed. This center hold technology-related forum, challenge to Kanagawa open innovation, and promote Kanagawa R&D network concept in order to create a place for communication between firm and university or between some firms. We are waiting for lots of customer’s participation. Appointment
Motor Vehicle Emissions Policy Section Traffic Environment Measures Section , Environmental Countermeasure Division of the Kawasaki City Environment Department has promoted eco-drive as a measure against global warming and air pollution.
Eco-drive is an environment-friendly driving method that leads to safe driving. If each driver performs eco-drive, we think the air environment could be improved.
In this Kawasaki International Environmental Technology Exhibition, we would like you to know more about eco-drive and try it yourself.
Environmental verification technology Advanced environmental technologies, even though they are commercialized and considered to be useful, may not have been used widely because objective assessments on environmental conservation effects, etc., have not been made and end users such as local governments, companies, and consumers cannot use them without anxiety regarding safety. The Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program tests and subjectively verifies data on environmental conservation effects, etc., of these useful but not widespread advanced technologies that have not become widespread yet. The precursor project started from 2003 and the main project started from 2008. Up to the end of 2012, 520 companies have received verification. Appointment
Ceratec Engineering CORP. We, Ceratec Engineering have been seeking “Energy Harvesting” based on “Impact Battery” in which vibration causes power generation, as core technology. We are pursuing a possibility of energy harvesting that converts unused energy in daily life and the natural world to electricity. Utilizing the power generation properties, we find a business change on vibration detecting sensor and challenge the creation of new market. Appointment
Taiyoudenon corporetion We are proposing hybrid power generation utilizing wind force and solar energy. Appointment
NANOMIZER JAPAN CO., LTD. We provide new renewable energy taking advantage of own original nanotechnology. As a fundamental technology, we have the nanotechnology that can control various substances in nanometer size and we have developed new fluid bio-fuel manufacturing system applying this technology. By applying the fuel manufactured in this system (nano-bio fuel) to diesel generator, we can offer new renewable energy with low cost and stability in supply and will contribute to resolution of environmental issue such as reduction of CO2 emission. Appointment
Nihongenryo Our company was established in 1935 and we are a filtering agent manufacturing specialist. Our cooporate ideal is to “provide safe water” and our business activites are related with “water”. Over 80% of water purification plants in Japan use our filtering agent. We are currently developing special filtering agents such as those that do not require chlorine and an environmentally-friendly,“ no change in filtering agent necessary” system using the international patent “Chiffon washing” as part of proposing a wide range of services to our customers as a company that specializes in water treatment as a whole. Recently, we have started to expand our global presence by providing technical assistance to developing countries facing problems with waterworks infrastructure. Appointment
HIRAMIYA CO.,LTD. Developing solution/device that is effective against norovirus (patent application through academia-industry collaboration) and creating an “environment where people can communicate safely”. We are a small to medium sized enterprise that can create products based on the situation in the field. HIRAMIYA transforms your image and ideas into products and our style is to create a product the under same concept among customers, users, sales persons, designers and MONOZUKURI-YA. We can provide our services in small lots, short waiting period and low cost. Appointment
Fujiks Co, Ltd. / Live Enviroment!
Live Innovation! Renewal Association
Our company was established as the pioneer of water jet offer wide range of services, including high pressure cleaning for plant equipment, piping cleaning, chipping of concrete, mist cooling equipment. We have a reputation for technical capabilities and our piping cleaning method for superhigh rise apartment super-high and certified as KAWASAKI MONOZUKURI BRAND. Furthermore, under bath cleaning method got award for excellence in KAWASAKI Entrepreneur audition. We will contribute to the society in the field of environment, safety, and regeneration. This booth is collaborated with “Living environment coexistence renewal community” and arrange our booth based on collaboration with “Pan-industry social event” 、such as company who handles living environmental improvement material” such as photo catalyst, they focus on photocatalyst simultaneously. Appointment
FUJITSU LIMITED Fujitsu Group aims to sustainable growth and development with customer and society through contribution to solution of globalscale environmental issue using ICT power based on our technology and capacity of imagination. Appointment
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. We, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. deliver high-energy efficiency product through pursuing innovation in electricity and heat energy technology, in order to contribute to realization of safe, secure, and sustainable society. Appointment
MITSUBISHI FUSO TRUCK & BUS CORP. MITSUBISHI FUSO CORPORATION targets reduction of CO2 emission by 7.5% by 2015, under the slogan of “Green Innovation leading the industry (Environmentally-contributing company)” as a one of the policy vision. Development of small-sized hybrid truck “Canter Eco Hybrid”, in this display, is our typical approach to the environment. We will continue to make efforts for valuable society, environment, and customers , with keeping the heart“ All for you” in our business activities in the future. Appointment
Minamata City Minamata City issued “Declaration of Environmental Model Urban Development” first in the country in 1992 and promoted urban development by participation of all residents. In 2008, we were certified as “Environmental Model City” and, in 2011, only received honorable title“ Environmental capital” in Japan through the contest hold by NGO. We are promoting some challenges toward stimulating local economy and ensuring job security in order to harmonize the environment, industry, and human life. We would like to introduce the challenge by firms located in Minamata area and continually search business partner and support for new business partner, etc. Appointment
RBS CORPORATION+JNC ENVIROMENT General Waste Disposal ( water purification and human waste),production and sale of organic fertilizer(RBS Gold),Natural purification facility maintenance. Appointment
Environmental General Technology Center(Co.Ltd) We collect food waste from households,
eating establishments,
and businesses and manufacture organic
fertilizers through the utilization of lactic acid bacteria.
MTL CO.,LTD Our company has been awarded the Science and Technology Agency Award in 1994 by the establishment of activation technology of natural humus.
The material humic acid that was developed by this technology, it is sold as a materials for agriculture livestock, water industry. I can also be used as a material of deodorant, etc. for wastewater treatment and also to the other.
In addition, the use of actively cooperation with universities and research institutions, we are working a new technology, product development.