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See it to believe it! Welcome to the state-of-the-art in eco-technologies.
[Themed event] Kawasaki eco-technologies valuable during disasters
The Kawasaki International Eco-Tech Fair has been spreading the word about cutting-edge eco-technologies from "the land of Kawasaki" and other technologies and expertise immediately useful in addressing the world's environmental problems. Through efforts such as Green Innovation, Life Innovation, and Welfare Innovation that focus on achieving innovation, Kawasaki is using its varied technological expertise to ramp up efforts towards solving social problems. The Great East Japan Earthquake has prompted a greater awareness of the importance of disaster prevention. To do its part for society, Kawasaki is spreading the word about new disaster prevention efforts based on the diverse range of eco-technologies developed in the region by Kawasaki-based companies. It is also stepping up exchange between domestic companies, promoting business matching, and ultimately stimulating Kawasaki's economy.

● Exhibit focused on disaster prevention technologies for mainly large
 companies and companies in the City of Kawasaki
Visitors will learn about technologies to prevent and mitigate disasters, as well as products and technologies useful in restoration and recovery. テーマ展示
● Kawasaki City initiatives
● Everyday disaster prevention measures
Introduces visitors to Kawasaki City's anti-accident initiatives, shares city information about dealing with disasters, shares a hazard map and gives immediately useful disaster-related advice, etc. テーマ展示
Environmental education classes (visitors may observe)
Kawasaki works with companies to conduct environmental education classes for the Kawasaki City elementary school students that will be our future.
◆ February 5 (Thursday)
Morning class is from 10:00 to 10:45. Afternoon class is from 13:10 to 13:55.
 *Schedule is subject to change without notice.

[Supporting companies]
● JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation
● Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
● Fujitsu Ltd.

● Todoroki Arena Training Room and Gymnasium
Eco-car test driving
Kawasaki holds an eco-car test drive event using a course that runs the perimeter of the Todoroki green space.
Please inquire at the outdoor test drive grounds. Free admission.
◆ February 5 (Thursday) and 6 (Friday), 11:00 to about 16:00
[Drive time] About 10 minutes/lap
[Car used] Nissan Leaf (EV)

*Support: Kanagawa Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
The state-of-the-art in Kawasaki eco-technologies! A hands-on tour
The application period has closed.
◆ February 5 (Thursday)

<A> Ironmaking course

■ Drawing of lots/capacity: 15 ■ Time 9:20 - 17:20
Facilities open to tours
(1) [Boat tour of the coastal area]
View the current state of the industrial complex on the Kawasaki coastal area.
(2) [JFE Steel's East Japan Works]
Tour a high-quality steelworks focused on environmental preservation.
Boat tour of the coastal area

JFE Steel's East Japan Works

<B> Recycling course

■ Drawing of lots/capacity: 15 ■ Time 9:30 - 17:10
Facilities open to tours
(1) [Showa Denko Kawasaki Plant (Ogimachi)]
Tour a plastic chemical recycling plant.
(2) [Boat tour of the coastal area]
View the current state of the industrial complex on the Kawasaki coastal area.
Showa Denko Kawasaki Plant (Ogimachi)

Boat tour of the coastal area

<C> Energy course

■ Drawing of lots/capacity: 15 ■ Time 9:10 - 17:00
Facilities open to tours
(1) [Tokyo Gas Ogishima Plant]
Tour a plant with one of the world's largest underground LNG tanks.
(2) [TEPCO Kawasaki Thermal Power Station]
Tour a thermal power station boasting one of the world's highest thermal efficiencies.
東京ガス 扇島工場

【Applications and inquiries】
Please refer to the following webpage for the details on how to apply or inquire.

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