[Themed projects] Projecting world-leading Kawasaki's potential
Kawasaki is promoting efforts in industrial sectors that have potential for future growth. It aims to contribute to resolving the issues in the environmental, health, medical, and welfare areas that the world faces through innovation in three areas: green, life, and welfare. The world-leading efforts by Kawasaki for innovation in these three areas will be introduced.

Green Innovation (environmental industry)
■ Introduction of the Kawasaki City Green Innovation initiative, which promotes the "creation of a sustainable city that takes advantage of environmental technologies and industries," etc.
■ PICK UP! "Hydrogen" Zone
Create "Future-oriented Environmental and Industrial City" with Hydrogen!
The latest information on efforts by Kawasaki City aimed at becoming a "~ Future-oriented Environmental and Industrial City ~ where people and hydrogen live together" through the introduction and utilization of hydrogen is introduced in an easy-to-understand manner together with exhibits and stage programs on the latest technology such as fuel cell cars.
Life Innovation (healthcare industry)
■ Introduction to the current state of development at the King Skyfront, where research and development on treatments for Alzheimer's Disease, intractable cancers, and spinal cord injuries and cutting-edge robots and other medical equipment among other things, is being conducted as well as the businesses that are gathered there.
Welfare Innovation (welfare industry)
■ Introduction to the Welfare Innovation Forum
 ● Introduction to Innovative Creation Projects, etc.
■ "Kawasaki Standards (KIS)": Kawasaki's own standards providing guidance for optimizing welfare products for their users
 ● Introduction to certified products

Cooperation with Product Exhibits

● Cyberdyne Inc.: Robot suit "HAL®"
● Suzuki Motor Corporation: Fuel cell scooter "Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter"
● Kanagawa Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd: Wel-cab "Sienta", single-seat EV "COMS"
● Wireless Communication Lab Inc.: Non‐contact monitoring sensor "Sleep Monitor"
● ElecTrike Japan Co., Ltd: Electric tricycle "Electrike"
ロボットスーツ「HAL®」 バーグマンフューエルセルスクーター 一人乗りEV車「コムス」
Robot suit "HAL®" Fuel cell scooter
"Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter"
single-seat EV "COMS"
ウェルキャブ車「シエンタ」 非接触型見守りセンサ「スリープモニター」
Wel-cab "Sienta" Non‐contact monitoring sensor
"Sleep Monitor"
Eco-car test drive
We are holding a test-drive event with the latest eco-cars including fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).
Register at outdoor test drive location; no charge
◆February 18 (Thu), 19 (Fri) 10:30-16:00

[Test cars]
■ Mirai, New Prius, Coms
■ Leaf, e-NV200
■ Outlander PHEV

※ [Cooperation from]
  Kanagawa Toyota Motor Sales,
  Kanagawa Nissan Motor,
  Kanto Mitsubishi Motor Sales
Environment class on delivery
Thanks to collaboration with certain companies, a "Roaming Environment Class" will be held for city elementary schools. Visitors are free to watch the demonstrations.
February 19 (Fri)
◆Morning session・・・10:00-10:45
◆Afternoon session・・・13:20-14:05

[Cooperation from]
JX Nippon Oil & Energy Co
Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
Fujitsu Ltd.

[venue] Sub-arena 2F training room, gym room