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ARK MEASURE CO., LTD It is a company devoted to measuring, will make you satisfied. The company was founded in May 2012, in order to address concerns of radioactivity since March 11, 2011. Its parent company, Tsurumi Major Tech. Co., is a company that has selling, calibrating and inspecting Mass spectrometer for 50 years in Kawasaki area. We also published a pamphlet called “Casual" aiming to explain what is radioactivity in an easy manner. And also we have been developing various usage of measuring instruments customized with Japanese specification with a focus on Eco test of Ukraine's proven brand for many years. please stop by our exhibition booth. Appointment
AISHIMU IRYOUKI CO., LTD. Our original product "alpha therapy equipment Duck," which mainly applies in the treatment of various illness such as peripheral nerve paralysis and other neuralgia, insomnia, constipation, back pain, shoulder stiffness, now is developing from each families and general osteopathic hospitals, to the national business. we are working diligently to deal with health theme, and play our role in the upcoming aging society. Appointment
UPCON Corporation Our company is a construction company that is doing the modification of concrete floor subsidence factories and warehouses, and stores, such as land subsidence caused by earthquakes and sank. Our clients are very satisfied with the "technology" that we can modify in a short time without stopping the operation. Why we can make it? that's because we have developed a new product of "urethane resin" used in the construction has this kind of feature. Recently, we have developed a new "soil conditioner" made ​​of urethane resin" with excellent cushion, water retention and permeability. We will introduce this new technology in the exhibition period. Appointment
OSMO CO.,LTD We specialize in designing water treatment equipment pure water equipment, ultra-pure water equipment, well water filtration equipment, such as wastewater recycling equipment, sale, installation, and maintenance. · I good at pure water equipment EDI formula that does not use hazardous chemicals. Water treatment equipment, each customized to suit the customer's usage. · We carry out product design FRP deodorization equipment, aquarium, such as scrubbers, to production. Appointment
KAJIMA CORPORATION Aiming at Environmental Kajima in Environmental Century!! Appointment
Kanagawa prefctural Kawasaki high school of Science & Technology Our school inherited the former Prefectural Technical High School with 69 years of tradition, was opened as a new type of high school (with Department of Technical Research) in April, 2010.
As featured in the overall technology department in the first year, everyone will learn about a wide range of matters relating to industrial. Learn the basic and fundamental subject in the field of industrial, to find out in what they are interested and concern about, from the second year is a professional course system mechanical system, electrical system, system of environmental chemistry upon request aptitude and career organize the curriculum students can choose to learn a wide range of engineering skills. our school's aim is to train our students with a certain culture and creativity.
Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center As a technology partner of everyone, Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center is a research institute with a focus on small & medium enterprises of the county by providing a variety of technical assistance. When you are in the time of trouble, such as new product development, please feel free to contact us Appointment
JAPAN WATER GUARD Water purification using CarbonFiber is economical and effective method. CarbonFiber with large surface area captures and absorbs pollutants, activating microorganisms inside which decompose and remove those pollution materials. It improves transparency (SS) in a short time, decreases COD and BOD, and purify TN and TP. In case of installation in rivers, lakes, marshes and the sea, it purifies the water and acts as a place for fish egg-laying due to their high bioaffinity, thus contributing conservation of eco-system. As a filtering media for biological treatment. It enhances the function of wastewater treatment. Appointment
DAI-ICHI HIGH FREQUENCY CO., LTD. Since Dai-Ichi High Frequency Co., Ltd. (DHF) was founded 60 years ago, it has been carrying out business development focusing on technology with induction hardening deployment. At our booth, we introduce product sample, new developed goods and environmental related products. Additionally, we present the development of "Aiming at Symbiosis with Environment". Appointment
TAKARA PROTECT MATERIALS We have 38 years' experience in the sale of various types of curing material to the construction site of their general contractor. We have a monthly sales of 24 species present in the original product. Curing sheet CM, guard plate, crepe curtains awnings and special item is particularly long life. Product to the next stage, the keeper and Pat Wall wall stand capable of curing speed is obtained from the leading moving companies easily and tape. Inquiries of different industries industry is different from the conventional plant poultry food processing companies, farms and (inhibitory effect virus, bacteria, antibacterial deodorant) and to the water pool and spa industry and academia with the application of research results TEC Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology also there. Appointment
TECHNO-AR'S In recent years, there has been an increasing demand in a wireless sensing system as technologies related to environmental protection and the safety and security of the "Wireless Sensor System." As a Gr company of CHINO Corporation, we offer solutions in the areas of professional devices, sensors and equipment of measuring, controlling monitoring with a focus on temperature. In particular, due to various features such as no need for extensive wiring of the plurality of sensors in the environmental facilities, and remote monitoring is easier in hazardous locations, the wireless sensor system that combines the various sensors and a wireless device, is expected to be actively used in the enviornenatl field. Appointment

Since its establishment in 1908, Toa Corporation has been engaged in dredging and reclamation for the construction of harbors and their related facilities, design and execution of coastline buildings, construction of airports, marine leisure facilities, warehouses for distribution, factories, and power plants.
With its state-of-the-art technology, Toa has completed many projects of urban development, commercial buildings, hotels, medical, educational, cultural and residential facilities, and has gained a high reputation for each and every design, execution of construction, and maintenance.
Furthermore, we have put our best effort into substantiality and consolidation of infrastructures including roads, tunnels, bridges, and waste disposal facilities which is essential for our daily life.
Based on our abundant and accumulated experience and its highest level of technology, we have been wrestling with the development of research attached to the importance of global environment and natural energy as well as recycling projects using biotechnology.


・Founded 1908
・Established January 23,1920
・Paid-in Capital ¥18,976,658,924.-
・President and Representative Director Masaomi Matsuo
・Number of Employees 1,533(as of March 31,2012)
・Business Operations
 General Construction (mainly Marine Engineering, On-land Engineering, Dredging and Reclamation, Building Works, Land Development and Sale, Development Business and Construction Consultation)
・Head Office 3-7-1, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1031 Japan
e-Trike JAPAN CO.,LTD Electric Truck is run by electricity, so it does not at all exhaust emissions and CO2, while driving. In addition, because the electrical energy used in truck made from various energy rather than natural resources, this product is really high quality even if viewed from the surface of the corresponding depletion of natural resources. Appointment
Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd. Nihon Genryo is a manufacturer of filter media since 1939. Our filter media is used more than 80% of Water Purification Plants in Japan. Based on this know-how, we developed cutting edge sand wash method. This washing technology makes dirty sand can be reborn to raw sand. Our SAITO TANK series are combined basic method sand filtration with self cleaning technology. Filter (filter media) is always clean onky by physical action without using chemicals, and unnecessary of media replacemet. Protect natural resource, reduce electricity power, and backwash water, and wide range types, onsite setting, mobile/track mounted, external device, we supply Eco-friendly and cutting edged filtration system to the world.For moreiformation, please access our website. Appointment
HIRAMIYA CO.,LTD. "It is easy to understand what Monozukuri is through hearing the story of a sheet metal store." Unique added value to their business ideas to shape the image of the customer. Considering environmental recycling manufacturing air purification equipment specializing in deodorants made ​​from thinned wood smoke. Product introduction process developed in-house products. Companies embody ideas and images. Cigarette smoke / thinning wood / bamboo forest / deodorizer, Monozukuri is concerned with environmental recycling.Stand ashtray air purifier for smokers to change the environment.Digital signage was created by the wisdom of SMEs from brainstorming. Appointment
Fujiks Co., Ltd. & LELERA Founded 43 years ago in Kawasaki. Our company offers construction services using the latest cleaning water jet cleaning method. In addition, we will co-exhibit with many cross-industry exchange organizations, such as the association of "renewal symbiotic association living" with a focus on photocatalytic technology to improve the living environment. Appointment
FUJITSU LIMITED In IT's field, in addition to providing a variety of services, we also provide a series of high-performance, high-quality leading products that support operation and maintenance service, as well as provide total solution service from developing, manufactring, selling to maintenance and operationof the Electronic device. Appointment
Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha,LTD. As a pinoeer, Mitsubishi Kakoki Co.,, Ltd. has been working on water pollution prevention projects in the field of environmental business since the late 1950s. In recent years, we shifted our lighting business to the energy-saving LED. "Lighter Series" is a series of LED lighting with features of High-brightness and High-place using, it is also suitabe to use these products for sewage treatment, plant lighting, such as factories and warehouses, by using them, significant reduction of power will be attained. Appointment
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation Coming soon Appointment
Mu-fit japan Corporation Stuck by function of micro sucker ! Easy to Strip! !! We will introduce the process of how we planed, developed and manufactured our new product: "Mu-Fit", a Sheet sucker with easy workability. We also combine the above new product with our other products, creating a new value of functionality with strong sucker. So please feel free to stop by our exhibition booth, talk to us . Appointment
Meiji University The Meiji University Intellectual Properties Center was established in October 2000 as the University's TLO (Technology Licensing Organization)、 and was certified as an Authorized TLO" by the Ministry of Education、 Culture、 Sports、 Science and Technology and the Ministry of Economy、 Trade and Industry in April 2001. Based on a strategy drawn up by the Public Sector Coordination and Intellectual Properties Headquarters、 the center is involved in seeking out intellectual property and putting it to use." Appointment
U-VIX Corporation It is a technology company that handles equipment related to ultraviolet light, parts, and materials. The UV disinfection applications has advanced emission, photocatalyst, due to photoexcitation, photo-curing resin, such as UV ink-jet printing. The Company has a patented technology of photocatalyst, has been deployed around the world to demonstrate the great power the air conditioner deodorant, sterilization, using the technology. This exhibition will introduce an apparatus for measuring the quality of its technology and air to clean the air. Appointment
UNION SANGYOU CO.,LTD we develop plant-based plastics, supply as well as make fabrication that harmonize with the environment Appointment
world business co.,LTO We have been developing, manufacturing and selling the products with a focus on environmental business for 10 years. During the period, we developed a new product related to the fuel in the fuel hydrolysis. There are many similar products in the past, what the differnece between the product of our company and the others is in the side of fundamentally energy technology to the water, the amount of heat generation is the same level of crude oil and 100%. The world is looking to reduce carbon dioxide, the technology of fuel reduction of 30% developed by our company can be expected. Appointment
JFE Group JFE Group has always been aiming at being an excellent company in 21st century, with a corporate philosophy of "contributing to society with the world's best technology," and keeping challenge toward any changes. Appointment
NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP Has been working on the development of highly corrosion-resistant surface treatment agent that NOF Metal Coatings takes advantage of cutting-edge technology, top priority was the protection of the environment. We are contributing to the preservation of the global environment surface treatment agent, which was developed by us has been adopted motor vehicles, electrical equipment, building and construction, such as renewable energy, in many areas. Also substantial global processing network. We place a system of thorough so that the available surface treatment of the same quality in any region of the world. Appointment