◆Environment-enhancing technology
【Industrial information】
We’ll provide you with introductions of the following ;
a hygiene management : getting rid of invisible stains such as bacteria and odors.
・Vitreous coating : making bath room odorless.
・Urethane coating : making wooden floor durable.
・UV coating : replacing polishing wax.
・Cleaning and maintenance : using alkaline electrolyzed water which doesn’t contain any environmental pollutant."

【Exhibition information】
We’ll display the samples of each coating. We are also going to conduct demonstrations to show you the effectiveness of each type of coating.
We would love to gives advice on any problem you have about building maintenance.
059UPCON Corporation【TEL】
【Industrial information】
Founded 12 years ago, UPCON Corporation is a construction company that uses urethane resin to correct sinking in concrete floors caused by factors such as ground subsidence. Our technology has been gladly adopted by a large number of customers since it can fix problems in a short period of time, without a company having to suspend operations. We had been conducting researching and development around-the-clock to find some new way that can contribute to society through the use of “urethane resin” and succeeded in the development of a soil conditioner made from urethane. It is called "Naterun". ("Urethane" in Japanese read backwards.) It is being used to grow grass in multiple school yards in Kanagawa Prefecture.

【Exhibition information】
We will introduce our urethane-based soil conditioner “Naterun” that has superior moisture retention, permeability, and cushioning performance. Since it improves soil without the replacement of existing soil or the laying of culverts, the material provides the benefit of not requiring any large-scale construction work at a cost half of what is usually necessary. For school yards! For kindergarten yards! Step on it, touch it, and feel its softness.
113VeroPowers, Inc.【TEL】
【Industrial information】
Under the mission to protect from unnecessary radiation exposure in Fukushima, we did International collaboration with European company
after Fukushima nuclear accidents. Then, we created the nanofiber mask in mass production. As the result, it is shipped world biggest in the consumer nanofiber products. We seek for global collaborations to create better future.

【Exhibition information】
PM0.025® project
Nanofiber and Nanofiber mask
072Eco Engineering Cooperation【TEL】
【Industrial information】
Aiming to popularize the use of biomass, we've developed a small gasifier that combusts gas produced from gasification to generate electricity rather than direct combustion. Through patented proprietary two-tower gasification technology, combustion even more highly efficient than with standard equipment is realized. We are proposing to municipalities to take advantage of this system's compactness and high-efficiency to use for combustible material gasification generation systems and miniature sludge generation systems. Combustible material gasification generation systems use refuse-derived fuel (RDF) to generate electricity with an output of 300-1,000 kW. Miniature sludge generation systems generate electricity through the gasification of fuel processed in carbonizing ovens with an output of 20-50 kW.

【Exhibition information】
We will offer explanations and information about the merits of introducing miniature twin gasification systems, as well as the above systems, which generate electricity through biomass gasification. We will also offer a panel exhibition on another of our core technologies, the highly efficient and energy-saving "coating heater".
【Industrial information】
We at NOF METAL COATINGS utilize advanced technologies in order to develop highly corrosion resistant surface treatment agents that give top priority to conserving the environment. The surface treatment agents that we have developed are employed in many fields, including automobiles, electronic devices, construction, civil engineering, and renewable energy, and thus contribute to preserving the global environment. Our company also has an extensive global treatment network. We have set up a full-scale system so that customers can use surface treatment products of the same quality in any region of the world.

【Exhibition information】
Our “Geomet®” anti-rust treatment agent is completely chrome-free and friendly to the global environment, and it has outstanding corrosion resistance and can treat various types of metal. At around 8 μM, its membrane is thin and provides an outstanding fit for screws. As such, this product is used in many fields, including automobiles, electronic devices, construction, civil engineering, and renewable energy.
【Industrial information】
For heat-source cooling methods, we have focused on a latent heat cooling method that uses the latent heat carried by the thermal energy that is produced when liquid matter transforms into gas. By combining this with a standard freezing cycle, we have developed a Hybrid Cooler that realizes energy-efficient cooling. Compared with standard chilling units and such that use air or water for cooling, our cooler is smaller, and realizes highly efficient cooling thanks to the combination of a compressor freezing cycle and our proprietarily developed high-efficiency sensorless converter. Furthermore, since the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant is always equal to that of the surroundings, there is absolutely no wasteful cooling or condensation.

【Exhibition information】
Along with an actual Hybrid Cooler unit on display in the booth, we will widely introduce the merits of the unit. It can facilitate the shortening of factory cooling lines due to its excellent cooling efficiency, and is also completely condensation-less. We will promote it's use in automobile, motorcycle, industrial machinery, frozen foods, and other types of factories.
001Kanto Bureau of Economy,Trade and Industry【TEL】
【Industrial information】
The Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry is a bloc of the national Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, administering the Kanto Region plus the adjacent Yamanashi, Nagano, Niigata, and Shizuoka Prefectures (1 capital metro area and 10 prefectures). For the benefit of businesses, universities, municipalities, and related institutions actively involved on the frontlines of the region, we enact a variety of economic, trade, and industrial initiatives such as small and medium enterprise policies, new business promotions, technological development support, environmental recycling policies, energy policies, and consumer consultations.

【Exhibition information】
We operate the Environmental Business Alliance Matching Seminar to be held on February 18, where outstanding environmental and recycling-related businesses will display their products and technologies.
Exhibitors: Science Inc. (Saitama); SK. SOAP MFG. CO., LTD. (Tokyo); Grountec. Co., Ltd.. (Toyama); Takasago Industry Co., Ltd. (Gifu); Omi Bussan (Shiga); Toyo Screen Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Nara); eneforest Co., Ltd. (Oita); Toward Co., Ltd. (Saga)
【Industrial information】
We perform the planning, design, and manufacture of an "independent power supply system" using LED and other lights, batteries, and solar panels.
We can design it to match different needs such as for agriculture, cold-weather specifications, and electric mobility."

【Exhibition information】
We will show various types of the independent power supply system that we have designed to match specific needs.
006Saitama City Foundation for Business Creation【TEL】
【Industrial information】
We are the Saitama City Foundation for Business Creation which acts as a support center for small and medium enterprises in Saitama City.
(1) Management, technological support, corporate growth, establishment support, etc.; (2) Consultation and registration for Saitama City financial systems, safety net certification, etc.; (3) Provision of welfare benefits for offices and employees, etc. We support the activities of companies in Saitama City. For the field of environmental technology, based on Saitama City's ""Promotion of the Environmental Technology Industry"" policy, we are aiming to create problem solving technology through the innovation of companies in the region. By all means, please use Saitama City's sophisticated manufacturing company network that has a city-wide support institution."

【Exhibition information】
In Saitama City, we are striving to support the creation of environmental technologies that contribute to the solving of environmental issues through the innovation of companies in the region. We will show actual equipment and hold demonstrations of the newest research and development examples and verification test technology done in collaboration with the city, such as eddyplus Co., Ltd.'s "lake water purification by centrifuge aeration stirring technology".
074Super Faiths Inc.【TEL】
【Industrial information】
Super Faiths Inc. is pioneering the development and sales of the SFD system that turns used-diapers into fuel. The SFD system does not just burn diapers as waste, but recycles them into fuel which can be substituted for fossil fuels. Over 60% of the renewable fuel reclaimed from diaper processing is biomass, an environmentally friendly resource. With a calorific value of over 5,000 kcal/kg, approximately 1/3 of the inputted material's weight can be returned as fuel. Thorough sterilization ensures complete safety and since no water is used in the conversion process, there is no sewage output. Another advantage is that the fixed supply of raw materials ensures stable quality as a renewable fuel.

【Exhibition information】
An exhibit mock-up, pamphlets, and other info about the SFD system that recycles used diapers into fuel will introduce the merits of using the system. In order to promote the proliferation of the SFD system, our exhibit will show a proposal for an implementation model that demands the design of a new societal structure, from waste sorting to effective use of fuel.
【Industrial information】
The Sports Environment General Technical Promotion Meeting (SET) is a group that transcends the borders of industries to partner with measurement device manufacturers, lighting manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, electronics material trading firms, facility service companies, and universities, to create environments for sports. When considering those who use sports environments and those who watch, we reconsidered from the ground up how to bring about the optimal conditions of brightness and space illumination. While creating our own solutions and methods for each problem, we are carrying out head-on initiatives for sports environments.

【Exhibition information】
We will show the status of our activities, including the technology possessed by group members such as measurement devices, simulations, and facility examples. For measurement devices, we will exhibit a direct glare measurement device. We will also show through our own simulation, measurement data of the difference in brightness levels before and after construction.
【Industrial information】
With its energy-saving LED illumination system, Tokyo Rectifier has realized power-saving that no other company has managed, by allowing light-level adjustment in 1/1000 unit. Since the illumination of each LED light can be individually adjusted, power consumption is minimized and unstably supplied solar energy can be used. Furthermore, with the addition of a storage battery, the system is able to store and provide power stably. The battery is charged using night-time off-peak power, rather than during the day when consumption is greatest. The company is drawing attention worldwide with its efforts to develop LED illumination systems and solar power generation systems of the DC-type, in which electricity is not sold. We have also recently succeeded in developing a DC-type climate control system and are now selling an air conditioning system with greatly decreased power consumption.

【Exhibition information】
Tokyo Rectifier will exhibit, amongst other things, a polymer storage battery driven by direct current, exemplified by its TNPL Series DC-supply LED illumination equipment, a Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand product.
045Toyo University【TEL】
【Industrial information】
Toyo University is a university comprising of four campuses, which are Hakusan campus (Faculty of Letters, Economics, Business Administration, Law, Sociology), Kawagoe campus (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Information Sciences and Arts), Itakura campus (Faculty of Life Sciences, Food and Nutritional Sciences) and Asaka campus (Faculty of Human Life Design).
In this exhibition, we introduce the R&D results including international patent applications, made by Tatsuo Sumino, Professor of faculty of Life Sciences, demonstrating samples and panels."

【Exhibition information】
New immobilized microorganisms for N and P removal from wastewater, 1.Nitrification at 5℃ using immobilized microorganisms, 2.Phosphorus removal using immobilized phosphorus accumulating microorganisms, 3.Nitrification and denitrification at high concentration of salt, 4.Immobilized pellets with low specific gravity for reduction of the power energy required mixing nitrification tank.
078ElecTrike Japan Co., Ltd.【TEL】
【Industrial information】
We develop, manufacture, and sell the three-wheeled electric vehicle, the "Electrike", which combines the two desirable features of three-wheeled vehicle utility and electric vehicle short-range transportation.

【Exhibition information】
The three-wheeled electric vehicle, the ""Electrike"".
Environmentally-friendly as an electric vehicle with running stability due to independent rear-wheel control, the Electrike realizes both a small turning radius and load-bearing capacity. It is a short-range delivery vehicle for the near future.
022North Carolina Japan Office【TEL】
【Industrial information】
EOS source location bio-purification is a technology that activates bacteria found locally to encourage the decay of pollution in groundwater, without having to pump it out first.

【Exhibition information】
EOS activators are food grade agents produced from soybean oil, in consideration of the optimal nutrient composition for bio-organisms. They are a natural sustainable technology from a renewable resource, with over 96% of components originating from natural organisms.
054Fujiks.Co., Ltd. / LELIRA【TEL】
【Industrial information】
Born as a pioneer in water jets, Fujiks provides a wide range of services from the high-pressure cleaning of industrial equipment, to the cleaning of various piping systems, concrete chipping, and mist-cooling devices. Fujiks is regarded for its technological strength, and recognized as a Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand for its high-rise condominium piping cleaning methods, while it has also received a prize for excellence for its bath-piping cleaning techniques by the Kawasaki Entrepreneur Audition. Going forward, Fujiks will continue to contribute to society in the fields of environment, safety and regeneration.
Fujiks will exhibit together with the “Live Environment Live Innovation Renewal Association,” an organization for promoting the exchange between different industry types (based mainly in materials for the improvement of the living environment, such as photocatalysts)."

【Exhibition information】
Fujiks will exhibit the anti-bacterial, deodorizing pipe cleaner "Pipe Cleaner Plus" that was developed through our accumulated research as a pioneer of high-pressure cleansing methods, as well as hydrogen and nano-bubble-related equipment and products. In addition, Fujiks will exhibit together with the “Live Environment Live Innovation Renewal Association,” an and showcase materials for the improvement of the living environment, such as photocatalysts.
098Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.【TEL】
【Industrial information】
Fuji Electric contributes to the achievement of a safe, secure and sustainable society through the creation of products that are able to make the most effective use of energy thanks to the company’s pursuit of innovation in electricity and heat energy technology.

【Exhibition information】
Panels and other media will be used to explain the field test evaluations of an aerosol complex analyzer implemented via an open joint research project in Kawasaki City.
【Industrial information】
We developed new mixing equipment for the new fuel nNNB, which possesses the same calorific value as base oil and facilitates complete combustion through processing and electrolysis by pressurization, catalyzation of heavy oil and kerosene, and other methods. Our patented proprietary technology can produce the new fuel by mixing 43 liters of water with 100 liters of heavy oil. While producing the same caloric energy as 100% heavy oil, the amount of fuel used can be decreased by 30%, resulting in decreased emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx and PM. When compared with standard emulsion fuel that is produced by emulsifying water and oil, nNNB has already been tested for long-term storage, and is more stable than emulsion fuel that separates after a set period of time. In addition, there is no need for additional work such as switching out the nozzles of boilers and other types of combustion equipment.

【Exhibition information】
We will explain and promote the merits of our equipment through panels, flyers, and other documents introducing nNNB mixing equipment nNNB possesses the same calorific value as base oil and facilitates complete combustion through processing and electrolysis by pressurization and catalyzation of heavy oil and kerosene, and other methods. Samples of the new fuel nNNB produced from various types of base oil will be on display.